Serenity Gift Boxes

I create Serenity Gift Boxes using a detailed Process. If the Serenity Gift Boxes you see here do not fit your needs, please contact me to design a personalized Serenity Gift Box.

Bereavement Serenity Gift Box

The Bereavement Serenity Gift Box offers support during the bereavement process, whether it be mourning someone's death or mourning the death of a relationship.

Comfort Serenity Gift Box

Sometimes you just need to curl up with a blanket and your favorite beverage! The items in the Comfort Serenity Gift Box were chosen for those times you could use a little comfort.

Custom Serenity Gift Boxes

Gifts to reflect what the mind, body, and soul desire

Here's what one of my clients wrote:
I ordered a custom Serenity Gift Box for my mother's 90th birthday and I couldn't have been more pleased. As the website says, she is naturally intuitive! With some information about my mom (names, birth date, etc.), she knew the right words for the letter and best items to include in the box. They truly touched my mom's heart. I would definitely trust her again when I want to get a special gift for someone close to me. --Debra J.

In a dream several years back, I was surrounded by innumerable, beautiful, unique pots. I asked, "What are all these pots?" The answer was that each pot represented a secret I kept for someone. When you order a Serenity Gift Box, I imagine picking up the pot that belongs to you, looking inside, and discovering what it is you need in your Serenity Gift Box. It's like I get to have a conversation with your spirit and you participate in creating your unique Serenity Gift Box!

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