Comfort Serenity Gift Box

Sometimes you just need to curl up with a blanket and your favorite beverage! The items in this box were chosen for those times you could use a little comfort.

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The qualities I had in mind when creating the Comfort Serenity Gift Box were:

More details about the Comfort Serenity Gift Box

Every item that is part of a Serenity Gift Box undergoes a preparation and/ or cleansing process. Click here to read more.

Each 2.5-inch x 3-inch candle is handcrafted. The color is chosen for the properties associated with that color. The color runs throughout the candle, not just on the surface. They are unscented to reduce or eliminate any potential allergic reactions.

The pikorua necklace is carved from jade, so slight variations can occur. If you prefer, you can take the pikuroa off the necklace and carry it in your pocket or purse.

The rose quartz bowl can be used to cradle the pikorua necklace when you are not wearing it.

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