About Serenity Gift Boxes

I am inspired to create gifts that are deeply meaningful, invoke action, provide comfort, or initiate positive change. Serenity Gift Boxes contain objects infused with the qualities---like comfort, warmth, passion, or strength---that I desire you to have (read more below). The objects have taken in, hold, and are responsible to gift these qualities to you. The gifts for your Serenity Gift Box are selected after a lot of meditation, intuition, research, prayer, and consultation. I take time to evaluate and research the significance and meaning of each item's characteristics: color, materials, properties, and uses. The symbology of each item (i.e., what characteristics it represents and why I selected each piece) is explained in a letter included with each Serenity Gift Box.

Process to Create Serenity Gift Boxes

Although I am not certified nor hold a degree in any of the methods I use, I have either studied, been extensively exposed to, or born with inherent talent in each area. Some of the methods I use when preparing Serenity Gift Boxes are: smudging (Native American origins), feng sui (Chinese origins), numerology (exact origin unknown), graphology (Sumerian roots), prayer (exact origin is debated), moonlight/sunlight cleansing of objects (pagan/wiccan), intention (free will), and strong intuition.

I infuse at least one item in each Serenity Gift Box with the qualities that are being gifted to you through your box. I do this by reaching a serene state free of everyday, distracting thoughts so I can put my focus entirely on the quality an object is to embody. While smudging it, I use my intention, imagination, and prayer and envision the smoke carrying the quality into the object, leaving it infused with that quality. I only fill one object and one quality at a time in order to assure each piece has my full, undivided attention. When you hold it, you know I've devoted myself, my intention, and my thoughts solely to your Serenity Gift Box.

Stones, crystals, minerals, and items made from these materials are placed outside the day before, the day of, and the day after a full moon, where they are exposed to healing and cleansing sunlight during the day and the effects of the moon at night. After the sun/moon cleansing process is complete, the items are stored with selenium (a mineral revered for its pure, cleansing qualities) until it is placed in your Serenity Gift Box.